The Risk Tracker

The compass for managing deposit risks.

The Risk Tracker Sample

Achieving adequate returns and cushioning losses are crucial factors for successful investments. Even more than the diversification of investments, the development of fixed-interest securities has significantly contributed to the fact that investors with lower loss tolerance have also been able to achieve solid increases in value in recent years. There are no longer any secure returns or time deposits with good yields. As a result, profitable investment has become not only more demanding, but also extremely difficult without professional management of the deposit risks.

There are latent risks lurking by the wayside. The trick is to recognize those who actually become acute. Since returns on investments in securities cannot be predicted systematically, it is logical to focus on risk. It helps to focus on the essential aspects. This is supported by looking at objective figures so as not to lose track in a media landscape with excessive warnings.

RISK TRACKER ideally complements your fundamental or market analyses and the measures you take to spread risk for your clients. RISK TRACKER not only provides you with an abstract set of numbers. The underlying system originates from our daily practice and is also used in managing institutional assets. Regular comments on significant developments are published.

Use this unique, professional navigation system to control deposit risks as an important building block for profitable investment. RISK TRACKER provides you with control support to be prepared for the challenges of the capital market.

With our Risk Tracker, you will receive comprehensive information

Our analyses and evaluations, which have been tried and tested over many years, contain professional information on managing deposit risks, which are normally only accessible to institutional investors:

  • Current risk levels of the most important markets in short-term and long-term contexts
  • Current risk tolerances for model portfolios and asset classes
  • Overviews of international markets and performance comparisons
  • Assessment of current risks per asset class
  • Standardised sample portfolios
  • Risk attribution analyses
  • Correlation analyses


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