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We are experts in comprehensive, quantitative risk management. Whether currency, equity, spread or interest rate risks, we apply our holistic approach to guide your portfolio through uncertain market phases. Transparent, cost-saving, dynamic.

It is our objective to maintain and increase your capital by generating positive risk-adjusted returns. To achieve our goals, we can draw on many years of capital market experience and asset management expertise, mathematical-statistical expert knowledge, dedicated trading expertise and state-of-the-art technical infrastructure.


How can we help improve your risk management?

Find out in just two minutes.

How can we help improve your risk management?

Find out in just two minutes.

Systematic, fact-based risk management

Our investment strategies are based on mathematical-statistical approaches.
Rule-based, data-based methods allow the systematic development and review
of investment strategies and concepts as well as their disciplined implementation
and control in daily investment processes. Free of subjective influencing factors,
we achieve a high degree of transparency.

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Dynamic portfolio hedging and risk management in four performance levels

Quant.Risk Overlay – Operational, dynamic portfolio hedging through Quant.Capital Management.

Quant.Risk Advisory – Continual recommendations for own risk management

Quant.Risk Reporting – Ongoing risk analysis of your portfolio

Quant.Risk Workshop – Status analysis of your risk management

Our risk management offers maximum flexibility for integration into existing systems and processes

while placing importance on high degrees of customer transparency and control.


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Risk Workshop

We provide transparency to your risk situation.

Assessing the status quo and comprehensive analysis of your risk management

Example of your asset allocation into the risk model of Quant.Capital Management

Risk Reporting

We assume data work for you and keep you informed about your risk situation.

Harmonising and updating existing data; an aggregated, comparable risk indicator

Summary of your portfolio data from various sources (reporting/asset management firms)

Risk Advisory

Active advice on necessary hedging measures

Continual comparison of portfolio risk and risk tolerance

Advice on risk management for your portfolio and determining the optimal hedging strategy

Risk Overlay

Implementation of all necessary security measures

Continuous comparison of portfolio risk and risk-bearing capacity

Advice on risk management for your portfolio and determination of the optimal hedging strategy

How can we help improve your risk management?

Find out in just two minutes.

Yield Tracker – our 

service for you

Take advantage of the quick overview of government bond yields for

different countries and maturities. Free of  charge.

Market risks always in sight: 

Risk Tracker

Our weekly research publication, Quant.Risk Tracker, allows you to keep an eye on global market risks at all times. A comprehensive overview of the global risk situation.

Quant.Risk Alert: anytime, anywhere via App

Our new “Quant.Risk Alert” app will allow you to keep an eye on market risks at all times and everywhere and to identify emerging trends ahead of others. You will receive alerts as soon as market risks exceed certain threshold levels. Share risk information, screenshots and video clips of Risk Heatmaps with colleagues, clients or your asset manager on various social media platforms.


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